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M1 Distribution


M1 Distribution was founded for the purpose of bringing top quality, unique and boutique recording electronics to the international marketplace through an ever-expanding network of carefully chosen dealers around the globe.

At M1 Distribution our goal is to provide the highest level of sales, marketing, and logistical support to our family of brands, while serving and supporting our growing network of pro audio retail partners worldwide.


M1 Distribution was founded in 2008 to assist a small group of new manufacturers to gain entry into international sales. M1 Distribution was formed to represent brands with “something special” and share them with the world. Through hard work, a lot of market research, and connecting one-on-one with the best pro audio dealers worldwide, the beginnings of our dealer network began to take shape. As the reputation of our manufacturer's spread, so did the reach of our dealers. In fact, M1 Distribution grew from just 5 dealers in its first year, to more than 40 dealers less than five years later. While our network of dealers continues to grow, we firmly believe that it’s the quality and not the quantity of dealers that leads to success..


At M1 Distribution we feel success comes from more than just having a product and a dealer. For us it starts with finding products that are run by people passionate about audio with unique ideas to share within the Pro Audio community. We then build around these unique products a network of knowledgeable dealers that wish to provide their customers the best recording electronics the industry has to offer. This is not where our work ends, but merely the beginning of our role in the distribution process.

When M1 Distribution partners with a manufacturer, we share more than our worldwide sales network. We share our experience, time and resources to become an extension of their company.


Administrative and Logistical fulfillments of all orders originating from our dealer network.

Customer service support personnel to act on behalf of manufactures and dealers alike, to make sure the most important part of every sale is taken care of – the customer.

On-site warehousing of inventory with an experienced shipping department to reduce order lead-times and eliminate the burden of international shipping and documentation for manufacturers.

Multimedia Marketing including cooperative print ads, magazine reviews, formal press releases, email marketing, social media marketing, online forum PR, and direct to dealer product updates.

New product consultation to share our knowledge of consumer needs, to assist in refining products prior to bringing them to market.

Facilitation of limited time offers and promotions to increase sales of items specified by manufacturer.

Production of product education materials to provide to dealers for the purpose of informing customers and driving sales.

M1 Distribution knows each of our relationships requires a unique approach to yield the greatest possibilities. Establishing close relationships is something we take pride in. We strive to provide a home for our family of brands and our dealers. Contact M1 Distribution today if you’d like to learn more about joining our family.